Mo Lowda & The Humble Releases New EP Lily Pads/Snowbird

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    Mo Lowda & The Humble Releases New EP Lily Pads/Snowbird
    Published: August 21, 2022

    Mo Lowda & The Humble released a new three-song EP, Lily Pads/Snowbird, on Friday. The first two tracks, “Lily Pads” and “Rescue Boats” are new, and “Snowbird,” the closing song, was released as a single back in September of 2021. 

    “Lily Pads” is rife with instrumental complexity: the bass is heavy and metallic, the synth is strobing, and the drum beat changes pace but maintains precision. Vocally, the track calls to mind The Antlers and Manchester Orchestra, Jordan Caiola’s voice creeping and drawing with moments of almost eerie ethereality. 

    “Rescue Boats” is a quick, almost fully instrumental track. It leads with strong drums that fade into a deep, reverberating abyss, distorted vocals flitting into the soundscape from far away.

    The EP closes with “Snowbird,” the most conventionally structured song of the bunch.

    While Mo Lowda stated on an ">Instagram post that “This EP is meant to serve as 9+ minutes away from all the noise. A little distraction/deep breath in your day. A moment of calm,” it seems they also weren’t afraid of playing with intriguing structure and a darker sound on this project. The result makes us excited for what’s to come from Mo Lowda. Stream the Lily Pads/Snowbird EP below.

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