Mo Lowda & The Humble Announce “Beachtown Weekend” at Charleston Pour House, with Brave Baby and Illiterate Light

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  • Mo Lowda & The Humble Announce “Beachtown Weekend” at Charleston Pour House, with Brave Baby and Illiterate Light
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    Mo Lowda & The Humble Announce “Beachtown Weekend” at Charleston Pour House, with Brave Baby and Illiterate Light
    Published: June 1, 2023

    Mo Lowda & The Humble have just announced two nights of shows at Charleston Pour House, on Friday, November 17th (with Brave Baby) and Saturday, November 18th (with Illiterate Light), dubbed “Beachtown Weekend”. These shows will close out a year of extensive touring for Mo Lowda, who celebrated the release of their self-titled fourth album in March of this year.

    Early bird tickets are on sale now with promo code “BEACHTOWN”. Get yours here.

    I caught up with Mo Lowda frontman Jordan Caiola about the where band is at as we head into the summer, after having toured the new album through the Spring. This included an appearance at the Pour House supporting Flipturn’s sold out show on March 17th.

    “This tour has been a real morale booster, because after Covid there were still some towns that were really showing up for us, but there was absolutely still this lingering feeling that not as many people were going out to shows. It was this like – are we fading, are people forgetting about us? Kind of thing. Which is actually what the song “Restive” is about.”

    They didn’t have a chance to tour their 2020 album, Ready Coat due to the pandemic, so they’ve been waiting to hit the road with new material for over three years. Now that they have the opportunity, they are focused on giving the new album some room to breathe, with a ton of tour dates on the horizon, including stops at festivals like Peach & more.

    “It’s not just like people want to hear Curse the Weather, it’s like people are really excited for the new stuff,” Jordan says. “Which is cool, because you can put out a record, and you still always have people that are into the old stuff, whether it’s nostalgia-based or whatever. But this one I think people have really connected with. I think it’s the best one we’ve put out, and it’s cool to see people getting hyped for the new stuff and singin’ along. A lot of people know a lot of the words. It just feels good.”

    The road to “Beachtown Weekend” at Charleston Pour House includes cross-country touring all summer and fall, with two-night runs in Nantucket, MA and Buena Vista, CO in addition to the two nights at Poho. Part of the tour includes support from Trash Panda & others, but Charleston’s support of Brave Baby and Illiterate Light is extra special because all three acts are deeply connected with the scene.

    Jordan also shared that he’s working on another solo album, and that Mo Lowda’s next move is likely to be a full collaborative album featuring artists in their network.

    “I think the next move for Mo Lowda is to start writing for some collabs,” Jordan says. “I think we might do a full collab album. We have a pretty extensive lists of artists that we’ve met over the years that we really want to get in the studio with. I think doing a song with a different artist, maybe 10-12 would be a really cool idea.”

    While we wait for more news about that collaborative album, catch Mo Lowda on the road this Summer and Fall via the tour dates on their website, and the final shows of the year at Charleston Pour House November 17th and 18th.

    Watch the newly-released music video for single “Beachtown” off below.

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