MiKE L!VE – “Body Shots”

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    MiKE L!VE – “Body Shots”
    Published: June 1, 2023

    MiKE L!VE recently released a cool shout out to the city of Charleston with his rendition of Lil Kim’s “Crush On You” entitled, “Body Shots”. Since moving to the city, MiKE L!VE has been making tsunami’s with his trending ‘Livelihood’ brand and his signature machine gun, high energy, battle-rap influenced style. So this remix comes in as a playful, beach/club bounce to make way for a wavy, Charleston summer.

    Coming from a bar heavy background of content with albums like The Green Tape, MiKE L!VE takes off the hoodie and gives us a true summertime jig with “Body Shots”. Don’t get it twisted, he still delivers a string of witty lines, double entendres, and bars for the lyricists, hip-hop heads, and backpackers.

    This is evident with bars like: “just an Avondale kid from the Ravenel bridge/with the city in his hand, you see the palm trees/calm breeze, it’s like I feel God breathe/ to clear my mind,had to bounce and train harder/so I step back and travel like James Harden/the white, Dwayne Carter left and right brain smarter/everything I pop fly, I’m surprised you ain’t caught it”. On top of creating a fun, upbeat, summertime BANGER-he showed love to the City of Charleston and some of the pinnacle pieces in the Charleston music scene.

    The song came right on time for his recent event at the Music Farm, “The Elements Vol.2”. This underground ode to hip-hop, included all of the OG elements that formulated this magnificent artform: graffiti, breaking, DJ’s, and emceeing at its finest, and a high energy MiKE L!VE performance that had everything: free merch, choreographed dance routines, and a cypher! MIKE L!VE is well-known for his performances which are more so full on productions and this was nothing short of that. MiKE L!VE truely creates and presents to you a one of a kind experience at every event he touches.

    Stream “Body Shots” below and check the links above to see footage from the show, checkout the renowned ‘Livelihood’ brand, and tap in with MiKE L!VE.

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