Meg Myers 2014 Lollapalooza Full Set

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    This performance is everything and electrifying too… Struck me as very odd the first time listening and watching, and I suspect you’ll feel the same on the first go ’round with this artist. Meg is ‘different’ to say the least.

    But… as the saying goes, it’s like a beautiful train wreck. I couldn’t tear my eyes or ears away from this video or her music, and eventually went into a deep dive with her discography. Her first album is just amazing. It deals with a wide variety of subject matter and feels comforting, alarming, and sexy all at the same time.

    Meg is a one of a kind songwiter, singer, peformer who is very much breaking the mold, or all three molds, or more.

    I will add the personal note that I’m not as enamored with her most recent work post-pandemic, but artists need space to grow and experiment and she’s earned the right to do as she pleases musically. I do hope to hear more work closer to her roots one day, and will continue to pay attention to whatever she produces.

    You’re going to say, wow, or wtf or shake your head watching this. It’s not like anything you’ve seen…. or if it IS like something you’ve seen, please share, I’m all ears and eyes for anything this awesome!

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