Maxx Good$ – “REIGN” (Video)

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    Maxx Good$ – “REIGN” (Video)
    Published: December 7, 2020

    Last week, Greenville rapper Maxx Good$ released a new song called “REIGN” along with a music video. “REIGN” is mellow track that’s all about keeping it real, and it is presented in three separate acts via the music video. Act Two is called “Training Wheels” and features a kid riding his bicycle through the suburbs, listening to the song on his earbuds. Next up is Act Two, “Ski Mask” and depicts Maxx Good$ and friends getting hype to the song on the street at night. Finally we have Act Three, “Grill” shows Max grown and living a more lavish lifestyle, with bright colors and house plants all around him.

    Here’s what Maxx has to say about “REIGN”:

    As I get older I’ve noticed how much and how easy it is to “live a lie”. We, myself included, hide behind these masks KNOWING that deep down our truth will literally free us. It is so EASY to live under these masks we sometimes abandon our nature, who we feel we really are, to stay connected to the ones we hold dear. Wether it be family, friends, relationships, co-workers, and more so our idols. I personally have tried to be four people at once just to maintain some sort of peace, mostly out of FEAR. The unknown can be frightening and in a twisted way we use each other to hide from these realities when we put on these façades. Truth is there is no easy way, you either do or you don’t. It’s up to the individual to choose that path. As I learn more about MYSELF everyday I fear less about the unknown are more about losing my uniqueness. I refuse to let the constraints of society pressure me into fear. I will craft my own reality on my terms, easier said then done but I’d rather live FREE and miserable than BLIND and happy.

    The Maxx Good$ “REIGN” video is age-restricted and thus only available on Youtube. Watch it by clicking through to Youtube below.

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