Mac Demarco – Pepperoni Playboy (Documentary)

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  • Mac Demarco – Pepperoni Playboy (Documentary)
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    Mac Demarco – Pepperoni Playboy (Documentary)
    Published: March 19, 2016

    Mac Demarco – Pepperoni Playboy (Pitchfork Documentary)

    Mac Demarco’s Pepperoni Playboy documentary is an awesome look into the life of a musician. This video follows Mac Demarco through China and Brooklyn, home of Jizz Jazz Studios, where we get to see a bit of his creative process. There are cuts between the studio, the street, spiced with scenes of Mac messing around with his friends and band mates. Mac Demarco’s band is hilarious, and the fact that they’ve been friends for so long definitely lends a hand in their laid-back approach to music.

    Perhaps the most interesting part of Pitchfork’s Pepperoni Playboy is the studio session with Mac Demarco. He shows us Jizz Jazz Studios, including the mixer he used to make Salad Days, and urges the kids to “get your heads out of that Ableton shit, you morons.” We even get to watch him and cut the vinyl for Salad Days. I’m pretty sure people are going to listen to Mac Demarco’s music for a very long time, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

    Kudos to Pitchfork and director Jon Leone for making such a sweet Macumentary. Pepperoni Playboy is really well done, and it’s a great starting point for anybody who wants to learn more about Mac Demarco and his music, or just learn about what it’s like to obtain success at a young age. Mac Demarco certainly does seem like the ultimate pepperoni playboy. What that means is up to your interpretation.

    mac demarco pepperoni playboy
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