Loser Chris – “Beer in Hell” ft. Justin Osborne

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    Loser Chris – “Beer in Hell” ft. Justin Osborne
    Published: October 24, 2022

    Rapper Loser Chris teamed up with SUSTO frontman Justin Osborne on his newest single, “Beer in Hell.” The track, which dropped on Friday, also features a sprinkling of vocals by Aggie Flores and Christian Chidster of Brave Baby on the guitar. 

    “Beer in Hell” is a lyrical exploration of heartbreak and the existential, but it doesn’t take itself seriously on the whole. 

    Echoes of “Gotta get away from you” open up the song, and, after a maniacal laugh, Chris begins: “You said it was over / I thought it was the start / I destroyed my liver / Because you destroyed my heart.”

    Brisk percussion and a softly jangling acoustic guitar maintain an ironically upbeat sonic mood.

    Osborne’s voice smolders with its usual intensity, but with an undercurrent of warm relatability that matches the humor of the song. “I’ll never shed a tear in hell / Cause I’m already there,” the two artists sing in the chorus.

    “Beer in Hell” feels defeatist yet oddly positive: if we’re in hell, we might as well accept our fate and drink a beer. The track was produced by Matt Zutell of Coast Records. Stream it below. 

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