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    I went to “After Hours @ Azur” this past Saturday and it was a somewhat refreshing new vibe. Crowd is 25+ ( I don’t think this is mandated, but just the way it is), you have to buy a ticket to get in, and its a mix of European/wealthy CHS people bopping to house music. Pretty cool. Not too crazy, lots of well dressed and well behaved people. LOTS of dudes with Christian Dior sunglasses and crossbody bags (yeah, very, very European). Music was nothing mind-blowing, but I was pleased to not hear the BUHM BUHM BUHM horns between every few songs. By day, Azur is a higher end restaurant just off lower King. I’ve also been hearing a lot about “Loose Ends”. Looks like they’ve been doing shows at Neon Tiger, and also a very 25+ crowd. Maybe this is because you need to buy tickets to go in so you have to be somewhat put together to remember to buy a ticket? Lol. Anyways, I’m digging these house music sets in cool restaurants. Good way for them to utilize the space and make money. They bring a crowd out that I dont usually see… maybe people who love to dine their who don’t usually go out would go, and it keeps things local…. you’ve gotta know to go.

    So what are some restaurants you’d love to see late night, house sets at?

    -Xiao Bao would be a time… but it’s a little too exposed.

    -Basic Kitchen… especially with the outdoor spot out back

    -Pink Bellies — Love the woodwork and lights in here, clear the chairs… make the pass a bar.. bada bing bada boom




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