Little Stranger – “UP2ME” ft. Pip the Pansy

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    Little Stranger – “UP2ME” ft. Pip the Pansy
    Published: July 3, 2022

    Hip-hop duo Little Stranger teamed up once again with with Pip the Pansy to release a new single, “UP2ME,” on July 1st. The track pairs Little Stranger’s characteristic quick-witted rap stylings with the delightful addition of Pip’s flute and vocals.  

    “I would never / Come whatever / Leave you no / Not forever / It don’t matter what you heard,” the rappers state as the song begins, quickly followed by a quippy “And then I did it.” The track goes on to detail the battle between intentions and actions in a relationship. “It’s really not up to me” the boys repeat, somewhat apologetically.

    “Lately when I’m alone / I think about your voice and I touch my phone / I think maybe you’ll call / But I don’t want to hear you speaking at all,” Pip sings as the counterpoint. 

    While lyrically pensive, the track’s quick beat, twinkling flute, and enjoyable melody make it a fun summer listen. Stream “UP2ME” below. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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