Little Stranger – “Bag Full Of Money” (Official Video)

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    Little Stranger – “Bag Full Of Money” (Official Video)
    Published: June 17, 2018

    Every time I’m starting to wrap my head around one thing that Little Stranger puts out, they add something else to the mix that succeeds in keeping me on my toes. This time it’s a music video for “Bag Full Of Money” off their 2017 Techniques EP. The video was done up by Create Awesomeness, who were also behind Little Stranger’s “Sing it High” video that was released in February.

    I’ll try to recap, in case you missed anything: Last month, Little Stranger released a new single called “1969”. At the time they had just begun a Kickstarter project to raise money for their upcoming EP Styles & Dynamics. That Kickstarter project was a success and the money has been raised, which means that the new EP is well on its way to completion. They also announced the “Supremely Juicy Tour” with dates for the whole summer (poster at the bottom), including a Charleston date June 30th at The Royal American for the Summer Shindig. And to top it all off, on May 31st they played a Gorillaz tribute as Human Stranger in Asheville with Human Resources. Can you keep up?

    If any artists reading this are looking for an example of how to get people to know about your music, follow in the footsteps of Little Stranger. Start with a unique and fun sound, and then go full blast with new content all the time. Little Stranger doesn’t give us any time to forget their name. Enjoy the “Bag Full Of Money” video below before they have a chance to announce anything else.

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