Little Bird – “Mega Hot Super Babe” (Video)

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    Little Bird – “Mega Hot Super Babe” (Video)
    Published: January 29, 2021

    One morning, Little Bird frontman Jay Hurtt woke up from a particularly wild night and realized he had forgotten to charge his cell phone. Rather than plug it in, he decided to let the battery run down and went to meet some friends for breakfast. That morning at breakfast, Jay and his friends found themselves engaged in a deep conversation about a situation that James had gotten into with an extremely attractive woman whom he was hoping to take on a date. She had plenty of options, so she made him take a ticket and wait in line for his turn to take her out.

    “She had done it all in a classy way, you know?” Hurtt explains. “It wasn’t sleazy, it was just really smooth. It occurred to me how invincible it must feel to live with that style of blind confidence. We thought about what such a life might feel like, floating through lavish meals dates every other night, doing whatever one feels like doing because that would be the life of a Mega Hot Super Babe.” 

    It was from this fateful breakfast conversation that Little Bird conceived their 2020 smash hit single “Mega Hot Super Babe”, for which they released a music video today. The track will appear on Little Bird’s upcoming EP, ALPHA, which is part 1 to a three-part album called PROXIMA that will be released later this year. ALPHA will see release two weeks from today, on Friday, February 12th.

    Directed by Dylan Dawkins, the video stars Rachel Burnett (a.k.a. Honky Tonk Honey) as the knife-murdering, motorcycle riding “Mega Hot Super Babe” who ends up killing all the men she goes on dates with. Dawkins shot the video on VHS, with most of the footage taken at none other than The Royal American.

    Watch the video for “Mega Hot Super Babe” by Little Bird below.

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