Little Bird – “ain’t dead yet”

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    Little Bird – “ain’t dead yet”
    Published: April 2, 2021

    This morning, Charleston’s Little Bird released a new single called “ain’t dead yet”, the first to come from their upcoming EP PROXIMA: BETA. The EP is the second in a three-part series that the band has set out to release this year, culminating in the massive full-length album PROXIMA. The first part, PROXIMA: ALPHA was released back in February and has already been racking up some solid streaming numbers with its smooth transitions and psychedelic embellishments, especially the fan-favorite (but not-so psychedelic) single “MEGA HOT SUPER BABE”.

    “ain’t dead yet” continues the psychedelic exploration, with a warm melody to open things up and light synth floating high in the mix. The lyrics are always a contending point for Extra Chill when it comes to Little Bird, but the message here is simple and clear, as vocalist James Hurtt sings about trying to let go of the anxieties of daily life, because he ain’t dead yet. We’re going to take Little Bird’s advice on this one and not overthink it, because while it pains us to say this, it’s just an all-around solid song. It closes with what sounds like another smooth transition into the next track, which we’ll just have to wait to hear.

    Listen to “ain’t dead yet” by Little Turd below.

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