Lesibu Grand – “WFS (We F*cking Suck)” (Video)

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    Lesibu Grand – “WFS (We F*cking Suck)” (Video)
    Published: September 30, 2020

    Atlanta indie rock band Lesibu Grand recently released a new song that is right on time to show up on Extra Chill the morning after last night’s Presidential debate. “WFS (We Fucking Suck)” is a punk song that directly addresses some of the problems that America is facing today, such as gun violence, poverty, and healthcare, and offers criticism on how the band feels the current administration has handled things. There’s no sugarcoating it here, either. The song is called “We Fucking Suck” for a reason.

    “We were deeply disturbed by what we were seeing as the Trump era dragged on, and we wanted to express those feelings in a song,” Lesibu Grand frontperson Tyler-Simone says on the inspiration behind “WFS”. “There were so many issues flaring up that we decided to address them all in a very direct way, as the best punk songs always do. As we thought about the hot button issues in America today (gun control/violence, housing, poverty, healthcare, voting rights, and criminal justice), we realized that we, as a country, were not even trying to fix these problems and concluded that we can and should do a lot better. So we said, “wow, right now we f’ing suck” and the song was born.”

    So, while it’s nice and fresh and hot and obvious this morning that “We Fucking Suck”, check out the new video from Lesibu Grand below.

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