Laurlyn Releases Debut EP Modern Nocturnes

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    Laurlyn Releases Debut EP Modern Nocturnes
    Published: April 10, 2023

    Charleston-based singer Laurlyn released her debut EP, Modern Nocturnes, on Friday. The 4-song project shows the artist exploring layered, vocal-driven pop with introspective lyrics.

    In opening track “Better Off,” Laurlyn asserts that she’s better off than a past flame, though she’s honest enough to admit “I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m fine.” 

    “Atone,” which was previously released as a single, is paired with a music video that showcases Laurlyn’s visual taste and vision of her songs as multidimensional artistic projects.

    The twinkly sounds of a starry night kick off “Audience,” and the tone is soft as Laurlyn sings “I know I said I was doing just fine / But being here makes me think of you / And all the things you put me through.”

    Final track “Whisper” begins with, you guessed it, whispers. “Let me know it’s real,” Laurlyn implores someone. “Sometimes I wonder if what we have is real / Or if I’m all in my feels.” It’s ethereal and sweet, but grows more urgent and intense in last third of the track. A guitar comes in and slices through any preciousness, creating a build up to a larger sound that closes out the EP.

    Laurlyn establishes herself firmly as an artist-to-watch with her clear, precise vocals and ability to play with choral influences and classic piano ballads in a way that feels fresh. 

    Stream Modern Nocturnes by Laurlyn below.

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