Kuntry Releases Visual Album, The Graduation: Another Love Story (Review)

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    Kuntry Releases Visual Album, The Graduation: Another Love Story (Review)
    Published: June 14, 2023

    Kuntry, SB Enterprise’s rising trap disco artist, has released his #GxldApproved visual album, The Graduation: Another Love Story, which showcases his journey through college, while juggling the responsibility of being there for his mom, making his grandfather proud, and getting to graduation by any means. The film is loosely based on his true story and is set to the backdrop of his The Graduation: Another Love Story, which features seven tracks of his signature pop-heavy, trap-disco sound.

    The Graduation: Another Love Story short film follows Kuntry as he goes through extreme measures to help pay the mortgage on his mom’s house and stay on course for his graduation. The story is a testament to the artist’s determination and resilience, as he faces numerous challenges and obstacles along the way.

    I appreciate Kuntry’s approach with releasing this project as a visual album, for it truly is a lost art. This brought me back to the days of Moonwalker the visual album by Michael Jackson that made him bigger than life. Kuntry borrowed from that cloud of genius and delivered a dope, retrospective, take on his beginnings in music and the risks he took due to his determination.

    The album is a journey through Kuntry’s phases of love over high frequency, pop-disco production. From the ‘fengshui’ of the music video and title track, “Another Love Story”, to the 90’s, Bel Biv Devoe feels of the closing track, “You + Me”- Kuntry with his distinctive rasp, melodic flow, and undeniable charisma, delivers a range of sounds from synth-pop and funk to R&B and disco.

    The Graduation: Another Love Story soundtrack features Kuntry’s unique blend of disco, power pop, and rap, known as ‘trap-disco’ which has earned him a dedicated following in and out of the city of Charleston. His music is infused with electric grooves and catchy hooks, making it impossible not to dance along. The 7-track album is a perfect representation of Lo’ Kuntry’s unique sound, and serves as the perfect complement to the film.

    Overall, The Graduation: Another Love Story is an authentic, humorous, and inspiring film that showcases Kuntry’s talent as both a musician and a storyteller. With the irresistible charm and groove of the soundtrack to the real and relatable story, the film is sure to resonate with anyone that believes in their dream by any means necessary.

    Check out the short film on Vimeo and stream the album below. Tap in with Lo’ Kuntry for his tour dates, releases, and videos! Also, get your tickets to his July 1st concert at The Music Farm, “Kuntry & Friends” featuring The Harley Boys and more!

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