Kuntry – “Alive” (Video)

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    Kuntry – “Alive” (Video)
    Published: November 7, 2022

    Hip-hop artist Kuntry (formerly Lo’Kuntry) is exploring a new style with his most recent single, “Alive,” which he paired with a music video directed by Joey Lenz. The track was released on October 31st. 

    “Alive” opens with Kuntry experiencing a sort of virtual-reality induced daydream that shows him in a gym playing basketball. It’s an intentionally campy nod to retro movie tropes.

    The song plays off that energy with electro, 80s synthwave sounds. Kutnry experiments with singing in a more R&B meets pop-rock style, and the melody skews more retro-rock. Kuntry is dubbing this new style “Trap Disco.” 

    He transforms into a werewolf about halfway through the video, furthering the references to 80s culture and paying homage to “Teen Wolf.” The chorus repeats “I come alive in the night / So don’t get caught in the light.”

    At the end of the video Kuntry signs autographs in the gym the hallway, and a girl who was watching him play, Traci, gives him her number.

    “Alive” represents a new chapter in Kuntry’s journey but shows the same tongue-in-cheek creativity he’s continuously displayed through all of his releases. Stream the video below. 

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