Kingg – “They On Me” ft. YNG Mattre$$ (Video)

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    Kingg – “They On Me” ft. YNG Mattre$$ (Video)
    Published: July 11, 2022

    Charleston rapper Kingg teamed up with fellow hip-hop artist YNG Mattre$$ to drop a music video for  “They On Me” last week. The song is from Kingg’s recent Summer Nights, Vol. 2 EP, which he released back in June.

    The video opens with a robot playing piano in what appears to be some sort of apocalyptic future world. The melancholy energy displayed in the scene pairs well with the opening of the track, which is soft yet ominous, with guitar sounds and echoing vocals.

    As both artists begin to rap, the video becomes campy, contrasting with seriousness of the song, which includes lines like “This life I’m living / You don’t get no second chance.” The rappers float around in space and in dream-like worlds, getting into intergalactic hijinx and dodging dragons. These quirky moments are balanced with more down-to-earth shots of Kingg and YNG Mattre$$ rapping in front of a blank wall.

    The video is a lot of fun to watch and showcases not only the rappers’ skills, but also their sense of humor.  Watch the video for “They On Me” by Kingg ft. YNG Mattre$$ below. 

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