Khallil – “Rain to Grow” (Video)

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    Khallil – “Rain to Grow” (Video)
    Published: July 15, 2020

    On Friday, Atlanta hip-hop artist and former College of Charleston student Khallil released the music video for his newest song, “Rain to Grow”. The track speaks directly to the police brutality and systemic racism that has been the root of protests happening across the United States for more than a month now. “Rain to Grow” proposes a positive message, with a hook that says “Every flower needs a little rain to grow / don’t lose hope”. With this track, Khalllil encourages change and points out how the problems with racism in America are rooted much deeper than just the most recent events that have sparked the protests.

    “I just want you to know, that this is the movement that changes it all,” Khallil says at the end of the song. “It’s up to you, you, and you, and you. We ain’t standing for nothing less than equality. And love is what cures us all.”

    Khallil places the responsibility for societal change through love on the shoulders of everybody listening, and everybody who should be listening. That’s what it’s all about. Change through love.

    Watch the video for “Rain to Grow” by Khallil below.

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