Keon Masters – “Limbo” (Video)

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    Keon Masters – “Limbo” (Video)
    Published: March 26, 2020

    Yesterday, our older brother David Stringer of Scene SC stepped out of hibernation for a moment to debut the new music video for “Limbo” by Keon Masters, which was created by Persona La Ave. As explained in the Scene SC article, the song is appropriate for a time when we all feel like we’re stuck in a form of limbo, and that’s why they decided to drop the video now. This was the first article published on Scene SC since November, and many were probably wondering whether the veteran South Carolina music blog would ever return.

    “I guess it’s also fitting that Masters premiere the video here on SceneSC, a website/organization that is also somewhat in limbo,” David says in the article. “Typically this time of year we’re putting out our annual sampler, we’re at SXSW, we’re at Savannah Stopover, gearing up for Indie Grits and looking forward to spring festivals like High Water and St. Patrick’s Day. For a year now, I’ve tried to figure out the next move. What South Carolina music needs, where it’s currently excelling, and what we can do to help. We’re not gone or going away, we’ve been doing this for 12 years so it’s more of a long breather as we find our way out of limbo.”

    That’s some good news from our friends at Scene SC, and we look forward to seeing what direction the brand takes in the future. As I’m writing this I’m also working on some behind-the-scenes collaboration with Scene SC, so stay tuned for something cool happening very soon.

    The video for “Limbo” was filmed one day last year, when Keon and Dylan Dawkins of Persona La Ave took a walk downtown with Dylan’s VHS camcorder. It’s got what’s become Dylan’s signature retro style that has been a hit in the scene. He’s worked with artists like Doom Flamingo, Human Resources, and even Chill. The song comes from Keon’s 2019 debut album, Many Thanks, which hit at #4 on our best SC albums of 2019 list.

    Watch the video for “Limbo” by Keon Masters below.

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