Keon Masters – “Feel Nuthin’” (Video)

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    Keon Masters – “Feel Nuthin’” (Video)
    Published: January 10, 2020

    This morning, Keon Masters premiered the music video for “Feel Nuthin’” off his solo debut Many Thanks with Relix Magazine. The video was directed by Gunner Willis, who is perhaps most well-known for the Niecy Blues “Ways” video. Gunner has a knack for weaving a storyline into music videos, turning them into pieces of cinematic art that can stand on their own two feet.

    By taking his own ideas and mixing them together with the ideas put forth by the musician, his videos feel like collaborative efforts that can give a song many more layers of meaning. Seeing Gunner’s name attached to a music video always makes it a must-watch.

    The “Feel Nuthin’” video is extra special because it stars Randy Havens, who is known for playing Mr. Clarke in the massively popular Netlflix series Stranger Things. The story that Gunner weaves here is centered around a quirky man (Havens) who is nervous about performing in a talent show. After some encouragement from his wife, the jukebox plays “Feel Nuthin’” while Havens jerkily sings and dances along, with Keon himself sitting at the table as judge.

    It gets sad when about halfway through the song, Havens finds himself again overcome with nerves, and everybody watching starts to laugh. I don’t want to spoil the story for you, so I won’t tell you how it ends. Just know that Gunner brings it full circle and lets us back into the world gently, after having witnessed and felt a moment of compassion.

    Watch the video for “Feel Nuthin’” by Keon Masters below.

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