Julie Slonecki Releases Environmentally-Conscious New EP, ‘Consequence of Convenience’

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    Julie Slonecki Releases Environmentally-Conscious New EP, ‘Consequence of Convenience’
    Published: February 18, 2020

    Charleston-based singer-songwriter Julie Slonecki, whom you might recognize as the frontwoman in parody act Sexbruise?, has just released a new solo EP titled Consequence of Convenience. The EP was released as a Bandcamp exclusive this morning, and will hit the rest of the streaming platforms on Friday, February 28th. Julie is donating 75% of proceeds from both sales and streams of the new EP to the Environmental Defense Fund, a non-profit that works to build partnerships and work with activists toward actionable environmental protection.

    “With all the recent fires in the Amazon and Australia, and other climate rises across the world, I felt driven to find something I could personally do to help raise awareness and action, beyond just reducing my own carbon footprint (re-using everything I can, avoiding all plastic bags, eating vegetarian),” Julie explains.

    This line of thinking led her to the phrase “Consequence of Convenience”, which she says stuck with her and ultimately inspired the idea to release this EP.

    “The sentiment really struck me, knowing I have personally taken the easier route many times in life, without much consideration,” Julie continues. “We so often take the convenient choice over the more difficult, but better, one. In many ways, I think that’s how humanity has gotten in the situation we are in today. We have prioritized convenience and money over nature, respect, and good will. I knew that I could be better about this, and maybe I could do something to help other people realize it too.”

    Consequence of Convenience is a collection of three indie pop songs inspired by the current state of the environment. The EP is available on Bandcamp now for a “Pay What You Want” option. Julie will be updating her social media pages with updates on sales and dollar amounts as they add up. Follow along on Instagram @julieslonecki.

    Listen to Consequence of Convenience below, and head over to Julie’s Bandcamp to support the cause with a purchase.

    Consequence of Convenience by Julie Slonecki

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