JTRawwww – Sensei’s Side Quest (Album Review)

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  • JTRawwww – Sensei’s Side Quest (Album Review)
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    JTRawwww – Sensei’s Side Quest (Album Review)
    Published: July 4, 2023

    JTRawwww aka Sensei has popped in the mix with the surprise album Sensei’s Side Quest. It’s well-named, as this is a compilation of freestyles by The Sensei, including some #GxldApproved features. With high quality, alternative trap production from Nokami, JTRawwww snaps for 8 songs – each with its own particular vibe, glued together by his hyphy, West-coast style and overtly braggadocios content.

    Well-known and respected on the scene as an artist, model, jet setter, and fixture in the underground club/party scene, JTRawwww creates the perfect soundtrack for the epic crusades of his life. His style is reminiscent of the Ski Mask Slump God, Trippie Redd, and Lil B. This album, along with previous releases like Sensei Hendrix (Act 1), stay true to his rambunctious and sometimes cryptic jams fit for cult followings and high energy stages. On top of that, JTRawwww provides a slick pen, wordplay, and original cadences true to his steez.

    Three of my favorite tracks off the album are: “Flex Talk, No Jewelry”, “Today”, “R.T.S.”. On top of these being my favorite instrumentals, I’ve become accustomed to the conversational, almost offbeat approach over fast-paced trap beats. JTRawwww’s flushed delivery and relaxed style fit well with the direction of his content and I feel that’s most present in these 3 tracks.

    Two of the three songs have feature verses and I feel like the features bring out a different beast, especially when the featured artist comes with it. That stands true with “Today” feat DJ DollaMenu and “RTS” feat Lil Xelly and Tommy Tsunami.

    “Today” is a feel good, cloud trap bop with Sensei and DJ DollaMenu taking the time to ‘pop their sh**’. JTRawwww hit us with a ginsu slice with: “Talk this sh** cuz I live it (period)/end of sentence, done/homie you new before, leveled up, goodbye, good riddance/envy a b**** ain’t it/ I talk that sh**/im in LA and I ain’t even famous, now ain’t that a b****/I thought I told you before, b**** I’m Sensei for a reason/ I teach my students how to get money and live they life without feeling meaningless.”

    With “RTS”, I was drawn to the contrast of the flow and cadence choice against the smooth cool of this particular Nokami production. Despite the slow drape of the beat, JTRawww, Lil Xelly, and Tommy Tsunami add a saucy, turnt sizzle to the track that sticks to the alternative trap sound frequent throughout the album.

    I highly anticipate more music from JTRawwww. His style speaks to that rebellious bravado we all hold deeply and his stories and lifestyle seem to be one you’d have to see to believe. Tune in to Sensi’s Side Quest and prepare for a wild ride of hype beats, hype beasts, and good times.

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