JTRawwww – Sensei Hendrix (act2) (Album Review) 

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    JTRawwww – Sensei Hendrix (act2) (Album Review) 
    Published: January 17, 2024

    Rap artist and socialite, JTRawwww adds a new chapter to the ‘Sensei Hendrix’ saga, with Sensei Hendrix (act2). JTRawwww had a busy 2023 with the release of Sensei’s Side Quest, a list of SoundCloud exclusives, and visuals. The culmination of this amount of work and consistency is shown in the elevated continuance of his nuanced sound.

    I’ve been listening to Sensei since early 2023 after I was introduced to him at a #GxldApproved Hip-Hop Night at Rebel Taqueria. So beyond being fascinated by his unique style and approach, I’ve been impressed by the growth and nurturing he’s put into developing his own sound, which is evident in his newest and highly anticipated release Sensei Hendrix (act2).

    In my estimation, this stands as his most polished project to date.

    This full-length album hosts a handful of producers so each song is a fresh vibe with a different direction. From fragmented samples and jazz-infused trap vibes to synth-drenched electronic trap and Southern rap rhythms. All of this perfectly sewn together by JTRawwww’s sound which is punchy and slick, yet emotional and alternative.

    The album resonates with heavy R&B, pop, and experimental alternative influences, notably showcased in tracks such as “Raindrops”, “Up & Down”, and “The Next Stage”. While delving into singing and more emotive, melodic harmonies, JTRawwww retains the rawness and authenticity of his lyrics through his languid delivery.

    For instance, “The Next Stage” reveals JTRawwww’s vulnerable side as he candidly addresses self-doubt, setbacks, and resilience, urging listeners to persist in the face of adversity. These rhapsodic reflections are paired with soaring melodic breaks and hooks throughout the song.

    Sonically, echoes of artists like The Weeknd, Post Malone, and the Kanye West of 808s & Heartbreak resound throughout, blending subjective realism, lyrical prowess, and genre-defying melodies across various hip-hop subgenres.

    Tracks like “Graveyard Shift”, “100 or Better”, and “Keep It Rolling” flaunt JTRawwww’s agile rap flow, interwoven with harmonious choral arrangements. Conceptually, he delves into a more motivational realm, sharing glimpses of his trials and triumphs and how his resilience and subsequent ascension have endowed him with the unyielding confidence to embody ‘Sensei’. 

    Alternative rap is definitely up one with the addition of Sensei Hendrix (act2).  Tap into JTRawwww’s #GxldApproved track on this week’s New Music Radar and continue to stream Act 2 of the Sensei Hendrix Saga.

    New Music Radar song: “Keep it Movin (Righteous Movement)”

    JTRawwww – Sensei Hendrix (act2)

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