Jtrawwww Releases New Album, The Main Protagonist

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    Jtrawwww Releases New Album, The Main Protagonist
    Published: November 15, 2021

    Hip-hop artist and Columbia native Jtrawwww dropped a new album, The Main Protagonist, this week. 

    The 11-song project shows Jtrawwww combining traditional rap stylings with a layered, cinematic, and, at times, orchestral sound. While many of the lyrics contain humorous quips, there is also a more introspective theme that abounds. One standout line is “Been broke for 10 years, I deserve to ball.”  

    The album does create the feeling of being the protagonist of your own life upon listening, specifically during the opening and closing tracks, “The Main Protagonist” and “Patience.”

    Jtrawwww is spending time in sunny California lately – he celebrated his album release and birthday with a party in LA. He also dropped a music video for “On Purpose,” the 9th track on the album last week, and we’re hoping to see more visuals to accompany these songs soon.

    Stream The Main Protagonist by Jtrawwww below.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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