JTRawwww – “Ain’t Nuthin” (Video)

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    JTRawwww – “Ain’t Nuthin” (Video)
    Published: September 6, 2023

    JTRawwww has released the first visual from his album Sensei’s Side Quest, with “Ain’t Nuthin”. Shot by Base Jeezus, the colorful video showcases JTRawwww in his natural element of bright surroundings, a close-knit circle, and an ambitious mindset. Directed and produced by the touch of Chynna Chan and Sara Brooks, JTRawwww’s organic cool is captured and presented to perfection with this video.

    “Ain’t Nuthin” produced by NOKAMI & Young Lord has earned a solid amount of views in the last 12 days and continues to rise. His album Sensei’s Side Quest comes with a gaggle of vibes, flows, and styles unique to JTRawwww’s life, experiences, and the motivation to get out and get your mind right and your pockets right.

    “Ain’t Nothin” stuck true to this energy, but stood out with the smooth pluck of a piano in the forefront, paced by some simple hi-hat, 808, and kick cadences. Paired with his relaxed, confident, delivery and subtle flow, the song itself is a #GxldApproved bop.

    ‘The Sensei’ talks that talk on the song and matches the bravado on screen. Beautiful people, colorful environment, and all the good vibes in the air. Luxury rockstar vibes.

    Check out the official music video to “Ain’t Nuthin” by JTRawwww below and continue to bump Sensei’s Side Quest!

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