Jah Jr. – “Scarred” (Video)

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    Jah Jr. – “Scarred” (Video)
    Published: June 16, 2020

    Yesterday afternoon, Charleston hip-hop artist and Extra Chill Fest 2019 veteran Jah Jr. released the music video for perhaps his most personal song to date, “Scarred”. The track comes from his most recent album release, Here I Go, which dropped back in May and marks the first Jah Jr. release in a few years to stray from his former central theme of his hometown of Dublin, GA.

    “Scarred” delves into Jah Jr.’s family background and history, getting into some sensitive topics that are likely even more instrumental to who he has become today than any of his experiences in Dublin. It takes some guts to bare your soul on a track like this, and it’s a clear sign of Jah’s continued growth as an artist as he gains the confidence to write songs about his personal life outside of the nostalgia of growing up in Dublin.

    The video keeps it nice and simple, and features Jah sitting on a couch going through old family photos, processing the emotions that come up while he looks at them, and ultimately tossing them aside. To me “Scarred” represents a reckoning with the demons of his past and using them as motivation to strive for a brighter future for himself.

    “I try my best to be as transparent as possible in my music,” Jah says. “It only gets better from here.”

    Watch the music video for “Scarred” by Jah Jr. below, created once again by Stan Green (@directorallreadystanlei).

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