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    Tired of being throttled by algorithms?

    Here’s a trick:

    When you have a post that needs to be seen, text your friends off the app. Tell them to go like and comment on the post, or like and fire react to your story. Watch what happens.

    Or, post it here, and the Community will rally behind it. So long as you participate and follow the rules.


    1. Must have at least 10 points to share.
    2. If you post here, you are expected to engage with at least 3 recent (past 3 days), relevant posts in this group.
    3. If you post here without reciprocation, your post will be removed by the mods.
    4. Engagement means: liking, commenting, and following.

    We can go around the algorithms by organizing off-platform. Behold the power of community.

    What is a relevant post?

    A relevant post is one that is related to the content that you post about. The closer the post aligns with your creative output, the more effective your engagement will be. This means that if you have a food account and a bunch of musicians comment on it, this will do more harm than good (unless those musicians are also foodies).

    Be mindful of this, and remember, this is a music community, so music posts are all fair game.

    How do I post here?

    Take the share URL from Instagram and simply paste it into your post.

    Should I do this for every post?

    No! Your friends will get sick of it! Only do it when you have something really important like a concert poster, a new single, or an important announcement.

    Cheers and happy engaging!

    *participate at your own risk, we are not responsible for algorithmic penalties that may occur from abusing this method*

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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