Hunter Park – “Starry Melancholy” (No Intermission Session)

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    Hunter Park – “Starry Melancholy” (No Intermission Session)
    Published: May 19, 2020

    During the pandemic, The Post & Courier have been releasing a series of stripped-down live sessions titled No Intermission, as their way of helping Charleston’s musicians connect with their fans during this time. The first one to catch our eye was Babe Club’s first episode that was released at the end of March, and it was Episode 7. This is Episode 41 and it’s the middle of May. We’ve missed many good episodes between now and then, but the point is we’ve been doing this COVID thing for a while now.

    Here we have Hunter Park of She Returns From War, in full glamour with pink hair and big Gucci glasses, performing “Starry Melancholy” off her 2018 album Mirrored Moon Dance Hall, which we chose as the best South Carolina album of 2018.

    Enjoy the swamp witch herself performing an acoustic “Starry Melancholy” below. See the rest of the No Intermission sessions on the P&C YouTube channel.

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