HIROW – “Out The Light”

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    HIROW – “Out The Light”
    Published: May 8, 2022

    HIROW released a new single, “Out The Light,” on Friday. The track shows the artist and producer stepping into his power, demanding that his detractors relinquish the spotlight. 

    “Out The Light” begins with a deep voice and even deeper beats, setting the listener up for what is to be a bold sonic declaration of power.

    “Ain’t no way / Not the same / We cannot relate” HIROW repeats with confidence throughout the song, referencing someone he doesn’t even consider competition. He’s continuing to upgrade his own skills, stating “I’ve been improving / I noticed it weekly.”

    The lines are quick and sharp, and the song is layered with tech-y beats, creating a textured soundscape. “Please step out the light,” HIROW also repeats, referencing the need for any disparagers to make way so he can claim his time in the light.

    Stream “Out The Light” by HIROW below.

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