Heyrocco & Brave Baby Topped Off New Music Confab With A Dope Show At The Music Farm

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    Heyrocco & Brave Baby Topped Off New Music Confab With A Dope Show At The Music Farm
    Published: August 29, 2016

    Saturday night was the final night of the second annual New Music Confab in Charleston. Tons of great bands and artists came through, but the highlight of the weekend for me was last night’s closing show, with Brave Baby and Heyrocco taking the stage at the Music Farm and playing for a packed house. As always, both bands played great sets, and I’ve got a more detailed breakdown of their performances below, along with photography from the one and only Kyle Kilgo.

    Heyrocco Music Farm Charleston
    Heyrocco at the Music Farm. Photo: Kyle Kilgo


    The boys in Heyrocco are a nutty bunch, and on Saturday they were in full form. They came out on stage shirtless and filled with energy, their instruments cranked up high. Nate wore a Little Red Riding Hood style bonnet on his head, and as usual, no shoes. They played a mix of songs off their first release Teenage Movie Soundtrack, and their newest EP Waiting On Cool, a bit heavy on the TMS side. This, of course, included a rocking rendition of “Mom Jeans”, which is always a crowd pleaser, and even “Santa Fe”, which is more of a slow jam, yet they still managed to keep the crowd filled with energy.

    Nate from Heyrocco playing guitar with a beer. Photo: Kyle Kilgo

    Heyrocco is going on tour this fall with The Garden and So Pitted. I know most of you who read this blog are Charleston people, but if you happen to be in any of the cities at the same time as Heyrocco, go see them play. They always put on a hell of a show, and you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice not to see them when you have a chance. Also, rumor has it that they’ve been out in LA recording new music, so hopefully we get to hear some of that soon. Tour poster is below. Check it out.

    Brave Baby

    Brave Baby finished off the night with a long set in front of a big crowd, and they absolutely killed it. They played fan favorites such as “Plastic Skateboard” and “Magic and Fire”, and they closed with my personal favorite, “Forty Bells”. The crowd was loving it, crowdsurfing and dancing around the whole time. The vibe at the show in general was awesome, and as usual, Brave Baby was instrumentally tight and seemed to be having just as much fun as the people in the crowd. That’s always key at a show, because if the band isn’t having a good time, then it’s much harder for the crowd to get into the show. Brave Baby accomplished that quite well.

    Brave Baby live
    Brave Baby closing out New Music Confab. Photo: Kyle Kilgo

    I have a feeling that one year from now, Brave Baby is going to be absolutely huge. They’re really onto something with their sound and energy, and they always draw a crowd. The people just love Brave Baby. They are one of the biggest reasons why the music scene in Charleston is on such a serious comeup. I look forward to my next chance to see them play, and I’ve got their albums, Electric Friends and Forty Bells in constant rotation. If you haven’t heard them yet, I will personally come and move that rock you’re living under. Stream Electric Friends below.

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