Hermit’s Victory Releases New Album, Rain at the Boardwalk

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    Hermit’s Victory Releases New Album, Rain at the Boardwalk
    Published: April 3, 2020

    This morning, in the midst of the largest global hermit sensation this world has ever seen, Charleston indie artist Hermit’s Victory released a new album called Rain at the Boardwalk. This is the third studio album from Hermit’s Victory, which is led by Tyler Bertges and has been around for more than half a decade now. In fact, today’s album release comes almost exactly 5 years to the day from release of the project’s self-titled debut album in 2015.

    According to Tyler, Rain at the Boardwalk was not initially planned for release at this time, but in light of the current global situation with artists confined to their bedrooms, the timing was just right for some new Hermit’s Victory. Especially since Rain at the Boardwalk is the most raw and lo-fi material we’ve heard from Hermit’s Victory thus far. The songs were for the most part recorded in his bedroom over the past three or so years, and usually around 3am.

    In the past, Tyler had recorded on his own and the collaborated with producer Wolfgang Zimmerman in the studio, but this time he wanted to keep everything lo-fi and embrace the energy of bedroom music, so for the most part he did everything himself. Wolfgang did co-write the title track and collaborated on “Good Times” and “Rookie Shit”.

    “I think the idea of bedroom music used to hold more weight because you could actually hear the significant dropoff in production value,” Tyler says. “These days, a nice ‘home studio’ operated by someone who knows what they’re doing can pretty closely mimic the sounds of a professional studio. Ultimately, the bedroom music phenomenon creates more content to swim through on the endless net… which is a good thing or bad thing however you want to spin it. Over the years, though, I have learned that all you can do is make shit that is true to yourself and not worry about anything else- and it does seem like music lovers have a sense where they can see through bullshit.”

    Rain at the Boardwalk has a kind of poor man’s badass energy to it. The lyrics often reflect on an underground degenerate lifestyle of just rolling with it, no matter the circumstances. It’s late night music that vibes out with synths and loops, while thinking about how much of a fuck-up you are and how little you care about it. You just keep on going and manage to keep yourself somewhat happy at the end of the day.

    Listen to Rain at the Boardwalk by Hermit’s Victory below.

    Rain at the Boardwalk by Hermit's Victory

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