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    #GxldApproved: Charleston City Paper Music Awards
    Published: October 6, 2023

    Tis the season. The Charleston City Paper Music Awards final nominees have been named, so you can drop that vote for your favorite artist, group, song, or album this year from the Charleston Music Scene.

    Create an account on the Charleston City Paper website and drop your vote by October 20th! 

    Personally, I am very excited and proud to see the variety of artists in each category-especially the presence of creatives from the hip-hop community being sprinkled throughout 75% of the categories. 

    Throughout the last few years we’ve seen an influx of hip-hop influence in the Charleston City Paper after years of it not being represented much, if at all. Special thanks to Chelsea Grinstead for keeping the genre alive in her time at Charleston City Paper and we hope that culture continues.

    Below are my personal votes for the Charleston City Paper Music Awards. With everything you vote for, it’s based on 3 things: Which choice is most prevalent to you? Which choice is new, fresh, and thriving? Which choice influences you the most?

    That being said, here are my #GxldApproved choices for the CPMA’s:

    Album of the year: This is Babylon by Nu

    I voted This is Babylon as album of the year, because it’s a representation of the new renaissance in Charleston hip hop. Nu, founder of UnHeard Ent, teamed up with producer Ben Beam and put together a powerful ode to black power, militancy, and easily one of the best lyrical displays of the year on wax.

    Country/Americana Band of the Year: Lauren Hall

    Amongst being one of the most prominent names in the Charleston Americana scene, Lauren Hall has been active and thriving the last few years. From performing with Lee Brice and rocking the Myrtle Beach Statewide Country Music Fest to releasing ballads like “Girl To Love You” and “Knock Off Love”, Lauren has continued to excel as an artist in the genre and keeps true to her love of Charleston.

    Electronic/Experimental Act of the Year: Grandaddi Caddi

    Comprised of Slim S.O.U.L and MoonKatDaddi, Grandaddi Caddi is a one of a kind mix of electronic funk, boutique hip hop, R&B, Jazz, and Neo-Soul. It’s a total vibe to watch them play live because they can build the beat from scratch- using keys, pads, and even implement live instruments with their syncopated funky sound. As if the production isn’t enough, both artists are fluent lyricists that dabble in and out of original music, covers, experimental jams that can literally edit the ambience of a room.

    Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year: Elizabeth Covington

    Elizabeth Covington, also a rising Country/ Soft Rock singer and songwriter on the Charleston scene, has a powerful range of vocals and styles. Her voice can be fiercely powerful or gentle and serenading-and I love the runs and fluctuations in her tone which seem to be a key attribute in her vocals. Her writing style takes me back to days of nostalgia with songs like “Time Again” and I enjoy her vulnerably honest jams like “Sh** Show” and “Pity Party”.

    Hip-Hop Act of the Year: UnHeard Ent

    On top of myself, this category is filled with some of the most entertaining, fluent, and talented emcees in Charleston’s hip hop renaissance. Each person has been a MASSIVE influence on the current direction of Charleston’s rising tide of hip-hop music. BUT…I chose UnHeard Entertainment, a conglomerate of high proficiency lyricists and creatives that have an unmatched energy as a unit and literally ‘bring the ruckus’ (in the words of the great ODB) with every single stage performance.

    The members are Nu, Chemi$t, Mos Stef, smxkeDoji, and producer Ben Beam. Each individual is just that, an individual; Nu with his majestic militancy, Chemi$t with his slick, no holds barred playafied style, Mos Stef-the ALCHEMIST, smxkeDoji -the laid back chill of the group, and Ben Beam providing form fitting production for each artist. Hip hop avengers type ish!

    Indie/Alternative/Rock Band of the Year: Black Zola

    Amita Fukui & Josh Gecowets, the duo known as Black Zola has revamped their sound and added many pieces to continue to create and give us a sound unlike many others.  They deliver a unique blend of soft rock, jazz, and funk in its most simplest form: powerful vocals, keys, and strings. Amita with his scat-based delivery and soul shaking vocals put so much power behind his elaborate key progressions and Josh’s masterful blend of acoustic and electric bass. Recently, they’ve added drummer Chris Taylor to the mix and he’s been a key in their ever growing style.

    Jam Band Of the Year: Runaway Gin

    Jazz Artist of the Year: Alvin Brooks

    Running up against jazz power houses like Gino Castillo & The Cuban Cowboys is no easy feat. But I’m 2023, I have to give this one to Alvin Brooks aka Al B on the Sax. Since really hitting the gas in the Charleston hip hop scene this year as a saxophonist, he has been the debonair backline of some of your favorite singers, poets, bands and rap artists, including myself. His level of versatility and ability to improv is by far one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in the city, on Sax, since Michael Quinn. He’s really come out of the barrel this year, performing at some of Charleston’s most prominent venues like The Music Farm, Charleston Pour House, and The Royal American.

    Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year: Amita Fukui

    Lead vocalist and keyboardist of Black Zola and co-vocalist of Rhodium, Amita Fukui, has one of the most unmistakable voices/sounds in the music scene. His emotion, power, and delivery is true to Black Zola’s music and message. Beyond Black Zola, Amita does improvisational additions to live performances from all genres, rap, rock, funk, jam band, etc. The versatility and unique style are major factors

    Music Video of the Year: “LO$Td” by Grandaddi Caddi (Slim SOUL & MoonKatDaddi)

    Reggae Band Of The Year- The Dubplates

    Screamo/Metal Band: – Coffin Slide

    Song of The Year: “Lethal Weapon” – EL & HIROW

    Soul/R&B Act of the Year: Rhodium

    Studio/Producer of the Year: Soul Inn, Slim SOUL

    I really wish this was two separate categories: Studio and Producer because I came to a split. Soul Inn, would be my studio choice because beyond it being a recording studio, it been a community based space for all level of musician to practice, collaborate, and network with each other. Headed by Slim SOUL and Soul Power Productions, the amount of talent that comes through those doors from all spectrums, is jarring.

    My producer of the year would be Ben Beam. Once again, the level of versatility and the ability to really form fit a beat to so many styles is impressive. He’s been a pinnacle sound in the production of UnHeard Ent’s music and many others throughs the scene. He’s also dropped a number of beat tapes and has even dabbled in the lyricist bag with his song “Mutt”.

    Up & Coming Music Act Of The Year: Rhodium

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