Greg Freeman – Burlington, VT (Rock)

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  • Greg Freeman – Burlington, VT (Rock)
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    Really good band I found out about at SXSW this year. It seems like a lot of younger bands are going for the genre-less approach these days.

    Greg Freeman will play some shoegaze, alternative rock, jam, and then dive into a 90s alt country tune. It doesn’t try too hard to be anything other than itself, which is admirable and works well within today’s very saturated art world. It’s so easy to be basic, and nobody wants basic. So, Greg Freeman is basically himself, and writes what he feels.

    One kind concertgoer filmed their full set the other day at Cheer Up Charlie’s and it made its way onto YouTube. Was pleased to find this one after having attended this performance!

    I’ll definitely be keeping up with this guy.

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    Yo whatup toasty (is it cool if i call you that?). Thanks for sharing this. I dug into Greg Freeman some more and the vibes are on point. Love to see the DIY video taken at their show too

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    Here’s a new Greg Freeman video. I also saw him at SXSW, and this is one of the songs he played. I think this guy is going to become an indie darling. I’ve already seen some big shot music writers talking about him on Twitter.

    PS just because I say “big shot” doesn’t mean they’re any good.

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    Another one that I watched last night. Pretty cool to find an underground artist with under 5,000 views on his videos who has me watching full 16 minute performances and then looking up interviews about him.

    I found one interview in Allston Pudding from last summer. They ask him about his genre and I thought it was interesting what he responded. He’s definitely got this gruff artist vibe going on:

    AP: It’s funny you mention the wall-of-sound stuff because we wanted to ask about the internet-y chatter about this sort of “country-gaze” thing. Do you see yourself in that sort of continuum?

    GF: I don’t think so to be honest. I don’t play country music or shoegaze, and I don’t really listen to shoegaze, so I’m not sure where that comes from. I guess I just don’t know how many people actually use that term in real life, it feels like some sorta subcultural term. I can see why people are talking about it with regards to my music, but the new songs I’m writing are a little bit different, and I don’t think they really fit with that whole thing, they’re definitely a departure.

    @texastoasted I was at that Cheer Up Charlies show too! I think that might be where we met actually. I talked to him after his set about the genre thing, except I didn’t say country-gaze. I told him it sounds “genre-less.” And they said that’s what they’re going for.

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