Grateful Dead – “Ripple” (Video)

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    Grateful Dead – “Ripple” (Video)
    Published: December 19, 2020

    Yesterday, the Grateful Dead unveiled a new animated music video for “Ripple” off the band’s 1970 album American Beauty. The album was recently given a remaster and a 50th Anniversary Deluxe edition of the classic has been released. The deluxe addition includes all of the remastered tracks, including “Ripple”, plus a full show from 2/18/71 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY.

    The tarot card-themed “Ripple” video portrays the message of love and unity that the Grateful Dead were known for, and serves as a nice modern accompaniment to the classic tune. Animation by T. Nakayama that takes you through the world of the song, with subtle references to the culture surrounding the Grateful Dead throughout. You’ll notice plenty of roses, lightning bolts, a wolf, plenty of china cat sunflowers, and more as our mandolin player makes his journey through the mysterious dimension where he resides.

    If you look closely, you might even notice a subtle nod to Robert Hunter, the famous songwriter who wrote “Ripple” and many other classic Grateful Dead songs in collaboration with Jerry Garcia.

    Check out the new music video for “Ripple” by the Grateful Dead below.

    I also recommend the music reaction videos on the Grateful Dead by Jamel_AKA_Jamal on Youtube. He has recently been turned on to the band and has been reacting to a bunch of different cuts, both live and studio. His most recent reaction is to the new “Ripple” video and you can see that here.

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