Grateful Dead – “Not Fade Away” (Live 7/17/89)

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  • Grateful Dead – “Not Fade Away” (Live 7/17/89)
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    Grateful Dead – “Not Fade Away” (Live 7/17/89)
    Published: April 28, 2016

    Grateful Dead – “Not Fade Away” (Live 7/17/89)

    Here we have a video of the good ole Grateful Dead performing “Not Fade Away” live from their Alpine Valley run in the summer of ’89. Those shows are considered by many to be the best run of that year, or at least of the summer tour. Jerry Garcia was healthy and excited, Brent Mydland had fully developed into his role in the band and had also seemingly conquered a few of his own demons, and the rest of the boys are rollicking along with them. This was during the final great peak of the Grateful Dead, before the untimely death of Brent and Jerry’s downward spiral that followed. At least we’ve still got videos like this one to enjoy, and an entire treasure trove of Grateful Dead music to be discovered.

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