Gotti Da Ghost – “Duplin Wine” ft. Jamahl St. Clair

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  • Gotti Da Ghost – “Duplin Wine” ft. Jamahl St. Clair
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    Gotti Da Ghost – “Duplin Wine” ft. Jamahl St. Clair
    Published: September 12, 2022

    Hip hop artist and Mt. Pleasant native Gotti Da Ghost released a new single, “Duplin Wine,” last week. The track also features the vocal stylings of Jamahl St. Clair.

    “Duplin Wine” is a heartbreaking rap song that displays smooth R&B flair and rich lyricism. It’s also, presumably, a reference to the wines made at the “oldest winery in the south,” the Duplin Winery in Myrtle Beach.

    Early in the song, Ghost delivers lines that gush over a budding relationship: “I got my guard up but I feel something strong / She got me up all night singing these love songs / But I realize I gotta take it slow / So we can build a friendship and give it time to grow.”

    As the song progresses, however, the relationship crumbles. Ghost’s number is blocked out of the blue, and the girl he thought was the woman of his dreams is now just a memory. Ghost got ghosted. 

    “Duplin Wine” shows Gotti Da Ghost as a creative force in terms of both rap ability and songwriting skill, and Extra Chill is excited to see what’s next from him. Stream the track below. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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