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    Goose has a new drummer – Cotter Ellis. Old news at this point, but i just had the chance to play Ted Tapes 2024 tonight and I gotta say the new guy’s got some chops. His playing is a lot more nuanced than Ben’s, at least on this release.

    You knew they would purposely emphasize the drums with the first release, but I’d say that this might have been the jolt that Goose needed to keep things fresh.

    I’ve been to a handful of Goose shows, and I’ve listened to a couple of their tours on Bandcamp as they come out. I think for a band that had so much hype, they got stale quick.

    Something in me wanted to root for Ben Atkind. I think it was the way the Goose machine handled it… or maybe some of the trolls on Phantasy Tour got the best of me.

    I dig Ted Tapes 2024. And now there’s the Chateau Sessions which I have not heard yet but I will also share here. Any Goose fans in the Community?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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