Georgia VanNewkirk – “Slipping Through Your Fingers” (Lyric Video)

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    Georgia VanNewkirk – “Slipping Through Your Fingers” (Lyric Video)
    Published: December 19, 2022

    Georgia VanNewkirk released a lyric music video for her song “Slipping Through Your Fingers,” one of the tracks off her debut EP, Million Dollar Trailer Park, on Saturday.

    The video features VanNewkirk leaning languidly against the wall of a shower enclosed by frosted glass windows. The cinematography has a blurry sheen, mirroring the hazy sensuality of VanNewkirk’s music. 

    She appears listless, sliding up and down against the wall as she warns her lover that their tryst will be short lived: “Slipping through your fingers like the smoke from your cigarette / Floating in the doorway, watch the light glaze my silhouette.”

    The video echoes the mood of VanNewkirk’s coy pop track, emphasizing the femininity that is core to her work while also conveying a sense of brooding. The pops of color on her eyes and nails are a playful touch paired with the danceable beat, and the blue lyrics on the screen allow us to soak in the full impact of the lyrics.

    “Slipping Through Your Fingers” was cowritten by VanNewkirk and Jay Hurtt. Watch the video below. 

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