Fleur Geurl – “Self-Isolation” (Demo)

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    Fleur Geurl – “Self-Isolation” (Demo)
    Published: April 4, 2020

    Earlier this week, Fleur Geurl released a demo called “Self-Isolation”. As the title suggests, the song was inspired by the current state of the world, and is Danielle’s own take on the way she’s feeling as a response to that. This is a solemn, lo-fi and heartfelt song that resonates a lot with the helpless feeling that can come from self-isolation. Anybody feeling that way can find solace in knowing that everybody else feels the exact same way.

    Oh I know you’re reeling from it all / And I bet you’re feeling not good at all / I’ve got nothing to do / But sit and feel the same as you

    “Self-Isolation” is also only the second track that Fleur Geurl has released, the first being the single “Mudpies” that was released last year.

    Listen to the demo “Self-Isolation” by Fleur Geurl below.

    Self Isolation (demo) by Fleur Geurl

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