Faline – “Blue Se7ens” (Video)

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    Faline – “Blue Se7ens” (Video)
    Published: September 26, 2021

    Alt-rock 4-piece Faline, who are currently on tour Band of Horses, dropped a dreamy new single, “Blue Se7ens,” on Friday. The track, which is accompanied by a mesmerizing music video, is the band’s first release since their self-titled debut album in 2018 and is part of their upcoming new album. It was produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman and mastered by Dan Millice. 

    Front woman Jenna Faline Ave-Lallemant’s hypnotic vocals are the star of the show, calling to mind the great female fronted acts of the 90s like The Cranberries and Mazzy Star. “I remember / your colors,” a masked woman (presumably Ave-Lallemant) sings as the video opens. Clips flicker and flutter throughout the video from images of the masked woman, to a sort of butterfly-head on a human body, to flower petals opening, all of which are surrounded by various geometric patterns. The psychedelic visual feast feels fitting for the tone of the song.

    Instrumentally, “Blue Se7ens” is moody, yet retains sharpness. A repetitive drum kick and hazy guitar provide the main components of sound. The lyrics supply a layer of eeriness with lines like “a vampire / bleeding my dry in the dark / strangling me in the car / oh boy.” It’s just the right time for a track like this to be released, as a slight chill can finally be felt in the air.

    Watch the video for “Blue Se7ens” by Faline below.

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