Fake Fever – “Solid Gold” + “Terrace”

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    Fake Fever – “Solid Gold” + “Terrace”
    Published: March 20, 2020

    You might know Andrew Barnes from Charleston punk/hardcore bands like Florida Man, Drunk Couples, and Fiasco. What you might not know is that Andrew also has an electronic production project called Fake Fever that is on the opposite end of the musical spectrum. Andrew started Fake Fever in 2013, but in last year he decided to ramp up the project with the goal of producing a full-length album. That album is called Surrogate and it will be released on April 24th via Business Casual.

    Yesterday, two singles from Surrogate made their debut with Private Suite Magazine: “Solid Gold” and “Terrace”. The sound is bright, and the songs both catch a wave right from the start and just keep rolling with it. It’s always cool to see musicians that typically play a certain type of sound branch out into something different, and it seems Barnes feels just as comfortable with this chillwave stuff as he does with riff heavy guitar rock.

    According to Barnes, Fake Fever has always been a process of teaching himself how to use Ableton in the style of some of his favorite hip-hop and electronic producers. When he decided to make a full Fake Fever album, he dove into the project as much as he could between working with other bands. Then when he had the album complete, he sent it to Business Casual on a whim and they liked it enough to work with him. Sounds oddly similar to how Florida Man got their record deal.

    Listen to “Solid Gold” and “Terrace” by Fake Fever below.

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