Erik Kirby Sentenced In DUI Hit And Run Case From 2022

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Back to Charleston, SC

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    This dude is the prime example of a privileged kid who thinks he’s above the law.. Hitting two innocent pedestrians and leaving them on the side of the road to die – one was in a coma for 3 MONTHS!! Then going to the lengths that they did to hide the car, showing absolutely no remorse. To only get one year in prison is absolutely mind blowing to me. What are y’all thoughts??

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    I think it’s hard to say anything other than “fuck that guy” to this one.

    Drinking and driving in Charleston is way too common. Lots of people do it very casually all the time.

    Then shit like this happens. Could have been anybody.

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    Prisoners actually get better health care than I do! Tell the family to try again. This makes me furious!

    And did they consider not just physical but mental damage that the victims probably will face for the rest of their lives?

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    I can’t tell you how much I despise this guy. He’s scummier than the scum under the derelict boats off Lockwood.

    About 4 years ago, he stole my purse, passport and roommates purses from my house during a house party. About 6-8 months ago he dated a good friend of mine (I didn’t know it was the guy until she called it quits) and he made up a whole different personality and life for her. He comes from a wealthy family and is an avid surfer. Not shocked he got a small prison sentence for what I’d call attempted murder. May those two women he hit find solace in the physical and emotional trauma from this guy.

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    Wow! @toastedcarrot what a scum rat! The story seems to be portrayed in the media as an isolated incident and not reflective of his personality. Daddy’s money and expensive lawyers go a long way.

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