Enter The “Barz In Da Bando” Video Series By Cray Vizion

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    Enter The “Barz In Da Bando” Video Series By Cray Vizion
    Published: March 20, 2023

    There’s a certain level of personage you get when an artist takes the Nas ‘One Mic’ approach and performs a verse or song. Simply featuring the artist, the environment, a beat (or acapella) and a microphone. You see the essence of the artist, no distractions, just the creator and their music.

    The “Barz In Da Bando” series by Cray Vizion has been a rising video platform that gives a high quality, unique performance avenue for Charleston rappers to shine.

    Seemingly inspired by formats like From the Block and COLORS live performance series, “Barz In Da Bando” is a series of live, on the spot performances from various underground rap artists.

    Cray Vizion catches a live, outdoor, performance in the cut of an old, abandoned brick building in an undisclosed location. I love the fact that Cray Vizion doesn’t shift locations with “Barz In Da Bando”, because it presents a raw, grunge to the mainly street rap artist driven series.

    The very first “Barz In Da Bando” video aired November 2021 and features Charleston artist GeechieLord.

    Check out a few of my favorite performances in the series from MacG DaSauce, NiMo Bluus, Zion G, Beshezy, and Black Benji below, and subscribe on Youtube to stay up-to-date!

    MacG DaSauce

    NiMo Bluus



    Black Benji

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