Easy Honey – “Tributary” (Video)

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    Easy Honey – “Tributary” (Video)
    Published: March 20, 2023

    Easy Honey dropped a new track, “Tributary,” on Friday. The song is paired with a music video that, much like the music itself, exhibits a mellow ease that’s tinged with just a hint of listlessness.

    “Tributary” features less in-your-face rambunctious energy than some Easy Honey songs. Instead, an undercurrent of deep bass floats through the track, and gentle, steady drumming keeps the sound moving forward. The guitar meanders along with the bass. 

    “Consider you’re floating / Down a tributary,” the track begins. It’s not the first time Easy Honey has asked us to undertake a sort of meditation at the start of one of their songs

    The vocals stay in a sort of dreamy register throughout “Tributary,”  the lyrics skewing both placid and, at times, a touch melancholy, with lines like “When the trip is over / And you’re packing up the bag / Nursing the hangover / Time is appearing to lag.”

    The video, directed by Brendan McGlone, mirrors this dichotomy well, setting Wes Anderson-esque bright primary colors against an overexposed, washed-out winter backdrop. The scenery is pastoral, the band canoeing along in a river while Darby McGlone sings near some cows.

    Stop-motion effects add a touch of strangeness, allowing the mood to hover just above the uncanny.

    Easy Honey recorded “Tributary” with Wolfgang Zimmerman at the Space. The track was mixed by Matt Zutell at Coast Records and Mastered by Jermery Lubsey at Vlado Meller Mastering

    Watch the video below, and mark your calendars for a rare Easy Honey hometown show on Friday, June 30th at The Windjammer

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