Dylan Swinson Releases New Single Inspired By Weekends on King Street

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    Dylan Swinson Releases New Single Inspired By Weekends on King Street
    Published: February 27, 2018

    Up-and-coming Charleston pop-punk artist Dylan Swinson just released his newest single, “Run With Me”. According to Dylan, this song was inspired by many years spent observing the shenanigans that take place on King Street on Friday and Saturday nights. When coming up with lyrics, Dylan imagined that Charleston’s weekend warriors were making use of Friday and Saturday nights to let loose and escape from the stresses of everyday life while they have the chance.

    Anybody who’s ever been to Charleston knows exactly what these Friday and Saturday shenanigans entail, and chances are you’ve been a part of the chaos at one time or another. I won’t pass any judgement on that one, because I sure as hell have been in the mix more times than I’d like to admit.

    Dylan’s new song “Run With Me” was recorded over at Hybrid Audio Solutions in West Ashley with Thomas O’ Brien and Chris Viera. For this song Dylan wanted to try his hand at some synth, as well as some vocal recording techniques that he had never tried before, including at one point using an actual telephone as a microphone.

    “Run With Me” will be included on an album that Dylan plans to release in the near future. While his previous two albums can be described as concept albums, this new record doesn’t stick with a particular concept or theme. Instead, Dylan is experimenting with new techniques and testing his personal limits while still remaining true to the sound that his fans have become familiar with.

    Stream the new single, “Run With Me” by Dylan Swinson below.

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