Drivin N Cryin – “Step By Step”

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    Drivin N Cryin – “Step By Step”
    Published: April 4, 2019

    Yesterday, Drivin N Cryin premiered the first single, “Step By Step”, off their upcoming album Live the Love Beautiful with Billboard. Live The Love Beautiful is the album that they were about to start recording when I interviewed bass player Tim Nielsen back in 2017. Now, the album is set for a June 21st release date. Pre-order a copy at drivinncryin.com.

    According to the Billboard article, “Step By Step” is about Drivin N Cryin songwriter Kevn Kinney’s journey toward breaking the little addictions that he’d racked up over the course of more than 30 years with Drivin N Cryin. The song naturally has a nostalgic feel to it, partially because it comes from Drivin N Cryin, a band who has been around since the 80s, but also because the song’s arrangement wants to make you feel sentimental. The airy synth hovering beneath the surface probably has something to do with that, and so does that classic Southern rock guitar tone, Lynyrd Skynyrd style.

    The animated video for “Step By Step” was created by Charleston’s DJ Edwards, head of Real South Records and assistant editor here at Extra Chill. Read DJ’s articles here, and listen to “Step By Step” by Drivin N Cryin below.

    Drivin N Cryin are lined up to play on the beach at The Windjammer on Friday, May 24th, a little less than one month before the release of Live the Love Beautiful. We’ll be circling back around with the band for another interview sometime before the show, so stay tuned for the scoop on the album coming soon. Facebook event for Drivin N Cryin at The Windjammer is here.

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