Dolo Boi – “Music of the Earth” (Video)

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    Dolo Boi – “Music of the Earth” (Video)
    Published: August 14, 2023

    In the ever-evolving world of Charleston hip-hop, its dope to come across creatives that manage to capture the essence of the genre’s roots while adding their own unique flavor. Dolo Boi presents this in “Music of the Earth,” directed by the talented Kill Colb. From the moment the video begins, it took me to a sort of ‘bygone era’, with the classic film grain filtering that blankets the scenes. Fitting combination with Dolo Boi’s rooted aura.

    One of the highlights of “Music of the Earth” is Dolo Boi’s undeniable talent for delivering his verses with a ‘Cadillac smooth’ flow. His lyrical prowess and unique vocal tone reminds me the legendary southern rap icon, Big KRIT. He possesses a similar southern drawl, blending it with sharp articulation and substance that keeps the audience hooked throughout the song.

    I personally resonate with the swinging melodies and heartfelt verses that I’m sure can create a connection with other listeners that transcend entertainment.

    “I’m rhyming with the gift of common sense that made em poli-ticking time bomb-talking my s*** using my anger for energy for any enemy that wanna finish me/mean muggin’ m****** til the end of time/I know before I leave this earth, they gon’ be feelin mine/they hear passion when I talk, they couldn’t be confined/I know every single dream of mine I fall behind”

    Dolo Boi’s “Music of the Earth” music video, directed by Kill Colb, is a visual and auditory treat that feels like a chevy on cruise control from start to finish. Tap in and check out this #GxldApproved visual from Dolo Boi.

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