Dog Days Presents: Jacuzzi Boys, SNACKS and Bad Signals at Lofi Brewing

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    Dog Days Presents: Jacuzzi Boys, SNACKS and Bad Signals at Lofi Brewing
    Published: February 22, 2023

    This Saturday, Jacuzzi Boys out of Miami bring their punk-influenced psych rock to Lofi Brewing, with support from Alabama’s SNACKS and SC’s very own Bad Signals. Jacuzzi Boys are fresh off the release of a new 5-track EP, Dipped, and the show at Lofi is one of the final stops on their February tour.

    The show is presented by the Savannah-based entity, Dog Days Presents, which is run by Charleston native Kyle Brown (whom you may know as Chipper Bones).

    Kyle Brown was booking at notable Savannah indie rock party bar El Rocko Lounge for four years before starting Dog Days Presents.

    “Dog Days was a way to stay involved in the music scene but more creatively,” Kyle says. “Pool parties, bbqs, alley shows, and a variety of rock clubs to host, Dog Days is riding the renaissance of the growing Savannah arts and music scene.”

    Not unlike Extra Chill, Dog Days also aims to promote musicians, produce valuable content, and create a culture that people can be apart of. This includes the goal of creating a connection between the music communities in Charleston and Savannah, to bring even more creativity to both scenes.

    Dog Days will host their inaugural festival June 2-4th, with more details to come.

    Tickets to Saturday’s show at Lofi with Jacuzzi Boys, SNACKS, and Bad Signals are $10 in advance and available here. Stream some tunes from all three bands below.

    Note: Advanced Marketing = Bad Signals

    Garage Coffin by Advanced Marketing

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