DJ DollaMenu Releases New EP, OTW (Review)

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    DJ DollaMenu Releases New EP, OTW (Review)
    Published: February 23, 2023

    It seems like DJ DollaMenu gets deeper in his ‘rap-bag’ with every release. His most recent single, “3 Shots”, truly set the precedent for his EP OTW, introducing high levels of visualism and punch-heavy lyricism from the well-known DJ.

    Introducing the work, is the sultry instrumentation and ‘bold as brass’ lyrics of “Ruth Chris”, which creates a dynamic, jazzy, low-fi, locomotive that sails throughout the EP. The first few tracks are highly reminiscent of classic Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods productions like How Fly, which pair perfectly with the audacious style DJ DollaMenu consistently exhibits on every track.

    A perfect example of this is track #3, “I Can Feel It”. He takes a Keith Sweat, 90’s R&B type beat and moonwalks on it. Wavy hooks, BARS, infectious rhythm, and his classic brazen style, fuse together well to create a track you can almost ‘two-step’ to. He simply coasts on this one, driving home the concept that he can see and feel the blessings and greatness he’s manifesting.

    This is wonderfully embodied in the hook: “I can feel it/ blessings filled to the brim I won’t spill it/ copyright on the crown you can’t steal it/ you can tag who you want, but I’m still it/ any doubt in the air, we gon’ kill it/ if my name on they lips we gon’ seal it/ quit all that cappin ‘fore somebody peel it/ I am the captain, the pen and lieutenant.”

    DJ DollaMenu transitions the album with the brash, Griselda, MF Doom-ish feel of “Butt Naked In Miami”. Definitely in my top 3 tracks of the album. He presents a punch-heavy mirage of alliteration, triple entendres and a no frills-gaudy attitude, as he coasts through this one for 64 bars straight, no hook.

    My favorite bar from the track is: “Rob ya favorite rapper’s rapper’s fans with my mask off/ with, flow so encrypted sound like I’m speaking padlock/ so, tell the labels it’s a standoff and stand-off/ they get a ‘piz-za'(piece of) wrappers then we watch em get hand tossed/ independent, all my transactions look like handoffs/ relaxing in the house, making music with my pants off.” Given the title of the song, ending the song on that bar really just brings it all together in classic DJ DollaMenu Fashion.

    The work continues with “Michael Phelps”, “SPCA”, and ends with “Flip Mode”, all of which finalize the album with balanced cohesion. “Michael Phelps” floats in with a heavy IGOR by Tyler, The Creator type of sound setting and harmonic structures. Airy and ethereal, with the depth and grounding of sharp-tongued verses and bravado.

    “SPCA” comes in with the more modern-day, 3-part rhyme scheme that we hear from today’s artists like Nardowick, King Von (RIP), and Lil Durk. Paired with a popular sound, DJ DollaMenu describes the epitome of a woman that is ‘bad and bougie’ and that no matter how bougie…even the bougie-EST will fall victim to his steez.

    Before the credits officially roll, DJ DollaMenu caps off the album with the groove of “Flip Mode”. Implementing a classic sample from “A Love of Your Own” by Average White Band, DollaMenu gives us a glimpse of what was, what is, and what’s being manifested in the now by the artist and how he’s becoming a product of his persistence and manifestations and will not settle for less.

    <em>OTW</em> is a grand display of the continuous versatility that is housed in the style and mind of DJ DollaMenu. I highly enjoyed the lo-fi, almost 90’s R&B soundscape and how he doesn’t sell the listener short lyrically, AT ALL. OTW is the sum of DJ DollaMenu’s day to day experiences, thoughts, and visions from a humbly vaunting point of view.

    Despite the amount of notoriety, DJ DollaMenu is a precisely discreet person and OTW gives you a colorful peek into the days in the life of the man himself.

    Check out DJ DollaMenu’s EP OTW below and hit the link to stay tapped in with this #GxldApproved artist, DJ, content creator, and overall dope individual.

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