Dear Blanca – “Overpass” (Video)

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    Dear Blanca – “Overpass” (Video)
    Published: July 10, 2020

    Last week, Dear Blanca announced the release of their new full-length album Perched, due out on July 31st on the new podcast / label Comfort Monk started by DB members Dylan Dickerson and Eddie Newman. The album marks the first full-length release from Dear Blanca since 2014’s Pobrecito, and their first album release in general since the 2016 EP To Tell A Half-Truth.

    The announcement also came with the release of the album’s lead single, “Overpass”, and I neglected to mention in my article last week that the song features a spoken word intro from punk icon Matt Watt, of legendary bands the Minutemen and The Stooges. Watt was a guest on the first season of the Comfort Monk podcast, and must have liked the guys and their music enough to want to connect himself with it. Pretty cool, and I’d say he’s got good taste. “Overpass” is a good song and does not disappoint after such a long break from releasing music.

    As of today the track also features a visual accompaniment that continues the star-studded nature of the song, and in turn this album thus far. The “Overpass” video stars Steven Anthony Lawrence (formerly of Disney’s Even Stevens [BEANS], Showtime’s Weeds and more), who is seen luring Dear Blanca’s Dylan Dickerson back to his lair to show him the secrets of alchemy. The video was shot on location in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles.

    Watch the video for “Overpass” by Dear Blanca below, and pre-order the record on vinyl at

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